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Tuesday 25th August 2015 ko 18.30

Hertfordshire Senior County League Premier Division

SARRATT 2 (Shanahan 35 90)


Att 14

Entry FREE

Programme FREE

Tea in a mug 50p

Normally I take the view that you, dear reader knows precisely where all these towns and villages I visit are. But since I had to look up where Sarratt is, I’ll save you the effort. Continue reading

The Key To It All


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Saturday 22nd August 2015 ko 14.30

Isle of Wight Jubilee Cup

BRADING TOWN 3 (Collins 7 Hichcox 28 Hatcher 45) Vale missed penalty 45)


Att 34

Entry £1

No Programme

The further I delve into every football ground everywhere, the endless choice every Saturday doesn’t get any less bewildering nearly 1,700 grounds in. Writing these articles helps, as it steers you towards places that cry out to have their story told, but in the end Brading Town became a classic piece of completionism. Continue reading

Underneath The Arches


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Thursday 20th August 2015 ko 18.30

Pre-Season Friendly



Att 18

Entry FREE

No Programme

As a general policy I’ll be attempting this season to visit more of the clubs that follow me on Twitter. Now I’m well aware that will set me up for a few monster drives, with perhaps the Cornishmen of Carharrack being the furthest, but the policy does have one advantage, and this game was the perfect example of it. Continue reading



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Wednesday 19th August 2015 ko 19.45

Hellenic League Premier Division

ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT TOWN 2 (Packer 32 Bailey 89)

ARDLEY UNITED 1 (Howkins 40p)

Att 92

Entry £6

Programme £1.50

This season has seen Wootton Bassett return home after a two-year exile at Cirencester Town. They’ve moved into a purpose-built facility on the Malmesbury Road, with their old ground at Rylands way now gradually disappearing under a close of houses. Continue reading

Lessons Learned


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Monday 17th August 2015 ko 19.30

Combined Counties League Division One

ABBEY RANGERS 2 (Macklin 68 Hartlebury 81)


Att 157

Entry & Programme £5

I’m beginning to think despite many aggravating factors we’re beginning to see a renaissance in southern-based non-league clubs. I’m well used to having to travel north to visit an iconic ground at Step 5 or below, then visiting grounds at a similar level locally and seeing little more than a barrier. Continue reading



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Saturday 15th August 2015 ko 15.00

FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round


NEWTON AYCLIFFE 4 (Knight 29 Banks 59 Moffat 81 86)

Att 96

Entry £6

Programme £2

Badge £3

If there’s one competition every football fan should be a fan of it’s the FA Cup. Despite top flight clubs attempts to devalue it, for me the memories of clubs you’d never heard of battling against familiar Football League clubs remain a romantic part of growing up a football fan. Be it Blyth Spartans, Shepshed Charterhouse or Sutton United, the FA Cup was and is where the thrill of the underdog giving the patrician a bloody nose was more interesting than watching the same old sides fight for the League title. With those thoughts in mind I wanted something special to visit for the competition’s opening round.  Continue reading

All Killer, No Filler


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Friday 14th August 2015 ko 19.45

FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round

HODDESDON TOWN 4 (Summers 38 43 67 Wade 90)


Att 216

Entry £6

Programme £1

In groundhoppers’ circles football grounds and clubs get known for certain characteristics. For example there’s the stand at Treharris, the Chinese pagoda at the Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, but Hoddesdon Town gets talked about in hushed tones for one reason, the programme. Continue reading



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Wednesday 12th August 2015 ko 18.45

Hampshire Premier League Senior Division

BUSH HILL RANGERS 4 (Smith 2 84 Jewell 20 Harding 74)

STOCKBRIDGE 1 (S Hamilton 65)

Att 47

Entry FREE

No Programme

Maybe my eye for grounds is getting either jaundiced or rose-tinted, I’m not sure which. Because when I posted a photo of the ground in Southampton on social media, the fans of Brutalist stadium architecture grabbed at it. And even now, a week or more later I’m still a little mystified. Continue reading

The Most Expensive Comp’ Ever!


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Monday 10th August 2015 ko 19.07


A.I.K. 1 (Bangura 54) Sundberg sent off 32 (DOGSO)

DJURGÅRDEN 0 Arvidsson sent off 74 (2nd booking)

Att 39,387

Entry- Complimentary

Programme 20sek

Picture the scene; I’m pottering around on a Sunday morning, and a message pops up on my mobile phone. “Would I like a free ticket to the Stockholm derby in 2 weeks’ time?” The answer of course was yes, but there was the not unsubstantial issue of how I was going to get there, and at what cost? Continue reading

The typo that isn’t


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Wednesday 5th August 2015 ko 18.30

West Dean Charity League, Intermediate Group 3


YORKLEY 10 (2 21 26 37 54 57 68 75 76 79)

Att 21

Entry FREE

No Programme

Sometimes I think that in the long term I’ll become something of a research groundhopper, and therefore this blog will end up being to publicise those little footballing gems that so far have evaded attention. And dear reader if that means I get to visit, photograph and write about places like Milkwall’s Edenwall Road, then that’s fine by me! Continue reading


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