Common Decency


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Monday 20th October 2014 ko 19.45

Southern League Premier Division

HITCHIN TOWN 2 (Webb 50 Burns 68)

BANBURY UNITED 0 Jervis sent off 41 (dangerous play)

At 288

Entry £10

Programme £2

As a groundhopper I don’t revisit many grounds, but Hitchin’s Top Field is definitely one to provide an exception to that rule. Perhaps its the wooden terracing, or the low slung stand, full of nooks and crannies, or the clubshop that you never quite know what delights will be on sale there. Last time I visited I bought a book on FC Start that toured with me in Sweden! Increasingly architecture on all buildings, not just football grounds is becoming more bland, so the potential loss of the Top Field is particularly hard to stomach.

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Rogues Gallery


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Tuesday 14th October 2014 ko 19.30

Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division


SILEBY TOWN 3 (Coggan 5 Jelly 11 34)

Att c30

Entry £2

No Programme, Old Copy £1

It is odd that England’s smallest county Rutland has clubs at two different leagues at the same level. Uppingham, Oakham and others play in the Step 7 Peterborough & District League but the anomaly is that Cottesmore play in the parallel Leicestershire Senior League. With my GroundhopUK hat on another set of floodlights in the PDFL with a Rutland hop scheduled for next season would have been handy! Such is life, and with plans for next July’s event well progressed the weekend should be a hugely enjoyable one.

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Sunday 12th October 2014 ko 15.00

4de Nationale A

K STANDAARD WETTEREN 1 (Droessaert 90)


Att c270

Entry €10 (all areas)

One advantage of the Sobemai game finishing sooner than we’d planned was that we reached the East Flanders town of Wetteren earlier than we expected. The town is most famous for the explorer Émile Pierre Joseph Storms who was born here and did much to open up what is now the Congo to western influence, and expand the Belgian empire in the late 19th century. Continue reading

Coffee Football


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Sunday 12th October 2014 ko 10.00

Voetball Cafeploeg

FC SOBEMAI 1 (Dabart 60og)

WEST EIND & BOOGARDE KERMIS 3 (G-J Savat 39 44 van Waryenberge 60)

Att 42 at Stadion Edelharte de Lille, Maldegem

Entry FREE

Programme NO

I could tell you about how we got up at 5.30am to do this one, or about the fog on the motorway from Luxembourg, and even the guilt that three of us felt when we all fell asleep just after crossing into Belgium leaving an exhausted Lee to drive for 3 hours plus listening to us snoring!

We reached the East Flanders town of Maldegem, diverted to avoid a Sunday Flea Market, crossed the narrow gauge tracks then turned left into the Stadion Edelharte de Lille, just 7km south of the Dutch border. Our collective jaws dropped, leaving any other tale I could tell utterly redundant.

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Saturday 11th October 2014 ko 19.00

Promotion D’Honneur


CS PÉTANGE 1 (Smigalović 45)

Att c239

Entry €8

No Programme

So over the border into the Grand Duchy and one of Europe’s smaller countries. Luxembourg lies between France, Belgium and Germany, and the Stade Jos Phillipart in Rodange lies roughly a kilometre from France to the south and two from Belgium to the North. So I got my eighteenth countrypoint, but not by much! Continue reading



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Saturday 11th October 2014 ko 14.00

Regionaliga West



Att 418

Entry (Haupttribune) €12

Programme FREE

From Saarbrücken we headed north leaving Saarland and passing into Nord Rhine Westphalia. The two-and-a-half hour drive took us past the Nürburgring, scene of Niki Lauda’s infamous accident. I glanced over to driver Lee, then the speedometer showing below the speed-limit so no race influence here! Continue reading

Got me under pressure


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Friday 10th October 2014 ko 19.00

Regionaliga Südwest

1FC SAARBRÜCKEN 1 (Döringer 13)

KICKERS OFFENBACH 1 (von den Burg 82)

Att 7,011

Entry (Haupttribune/Main Stand) €22 (€1 =80p)

Programme 50c

The alarm went off, it was 5.45am, and I was in a cheap hotel in Folkestone, its purpose only to get a car-load of hoppers to the Channel Tunnel as quickly as possible. I shuffled into the bathroom, and ran the shower only to watch the head extricate itself from the holster and hit my razor. The razor exploded in a spray of water, and I contemplated a hirsute weekend over a bacon roll and an Americano as the train travelled under the English Channel.

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The Absolutely Blindingly Obvious


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Tuesday 7th October 2014 ko 19.00

Northern Premier League Premier Division

BARWELL 2 (Castle 18p Barlone 55)

ILKESTON 1 (Adams 11)

Att 176

Entry £10

Programme £2

The more you delve into the act of watching, “Football wherever it may be,” you soon end up with illogical statistics. Why would I watch more football in Sweden for example than I have in Scotland? But it’s the individual ground visits where the really strange quirks lie. Continue reading

Trouble with Hutchings


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Tuesday 30th September 2014 ko 19.45

Wessex League Premier Division

MONEYFIELDS 6 (Hutchings 12 20 75 90 Rutherford 16 55)

FAREHAM TOWN 1 (Woods 10)

Att c100

I suppose if you’re not an aficionado of Non-League football the first question is where is the Moneyfields Sports Ground? The name is taken from the avenue where it’s situated, in Copnor on the eastern edge of Portsea Island, in Portsmouth. In fact I could see the floodlights of Fratton Park as I turned into Copnor. Continue reading



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Saturday 27th September 2014 ko 15.00

IFA Premiership

GLENTORAN 1 (McAlorum 81)


Att 782

Entry £10

Programme £3

It’s impossible to visit Glentoran’s Oval Grounds home and not think of shipbuilding. You are in East Belfast and the Harland and Wolff shipyard is visible for miles around, with the towering presence of the giant yellow cranes named “Samson” and “Goliath” as focal points. The planes taking off from the nearby George Best Belfast Airport seem to climb more steeply than normal to avoid them all. Continue reading


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